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Scale Virtually Transaction Coordinators can facilitate an efficient and prompt delivery of all your real estate transactions from listing to close.

Enhance Your Productivity with A Transaction Coordinator

Paperwork is not something entrepreneurs and business owners tend to enjoy. We all know the amount of paperwork that is required when making transactions. It is necessary, yet time consuming with intricacies that require great attention to detail.

A Scale Virtually Transaction Coordinator can manage all the paperwork that needs to be handled for each of your real estate transactions. They can coordinate with your clients for requirements, collect signatures, put together necessary documents, follow-up on contracts, coordinate inspections and complete processes to compile broker files. Each of our Transaction Coordinators are qualified to manage everything from listing to close and can assist you in completing all the necessary documentation until close of escrow.

With a Transaction Coordinator in your team, you can delegate the paperwork and focus on closing deals and expanding your network.

Boost Your Productivity

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Schedule Management

Make sure that you constantly have someone on top of your scheduling and make sure that all deadlines are met on time.


All the documentation on that transaction checklist from listing to close will be closely monitored and completed by your Transaction Coordinator. From signatures to inspections, and all the elements needed for a sale.


A Transaction Coordinator can be in charge of communicating with all involved parties and vendors and will ensure that all pertinent information gets through the correct channels.


A Transaction Coordinator can also handle other administrative tasks for you such as email management, running marketing reports, manage your database and so much more.

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Your time and expertise is better spent on building your network and other revenue generating activities, not on paperwork. When facing responsibilities within your business, you should focus on the endeavors whose outcomes are directly affected by your involvement. If there is something on your plate that will have the same result regardless of your participation, then you should be delegating that responsibility.

How much time does it take you to handle all the paperwork for a single transaction? What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to work on all of it yourself?

A Scale Virtually Transaction Coordinator can give you the freedom to use your time to work on your business instead of in it.

We train our Transaction Coordinators to execute every element of each transaction with precision and great attention to detail. Beyond that, when they go through the selection process, we look for specific traits that indicate that they thrive and flourish when faced with the tasks that they need to complete. This fills that gap in your business with someone who enjoys fulfilling the responsibilities that are not your particular cup of tea.

When you delegate to a Scale Virtually Transaction Coordinator, you get the peace of mind that comes with having a highly talented virtual assistant taking care of other elements of your business so you have the freedom to focus on your business growth.