Virtual Receptionist Services
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Virtual Receptionist

Our Virtual Receptionists can handle all your front office and communication. They can screen calls, manage your emails and responses, update and manage your calendar and so much more.

Increase Business Productivity  

Success means that responsibilities around your business will start piling up. From paperwork to scheduling, customer service, never ending voicemails, and the hundreds if not thousands of emails you have to sift through every morning. By the time you get all of these things done, how much time do you have left to work on your revenue generating activities? On the other hand, how will your business run if you don’t tackle all these tasks?

Scale Virtually’s Virtual Receptionists can help you by taking these responsibilities off your plate so you can focus on working on your business instead of in it. Imagine only having to read emails that are pertinent to you, a calendar that is well organized and always up to date and only receiving calls that are essential. That is what a virtual receptionist can give you.

Our unparalleled screening process ensures that every virtual receptionist, not only has exceptional comprehension and communication skills, but we ensure they posses the qualities that will guarantee that they will be a game changer for you and your business with their extraordinary organizational skills.

Boost Your Productivity

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Schedule Management

A Virtual Receptionist can manage your calendar and keep it updated at all times.They can keep track of deadlines for different requirements and set reminders for you and your team to ensure that everyone and everything is consistently on track.

Administrative Tasks

Random Administrative tasks like ordering more toner for the office printer or calling a repairman can be handled by your Virtual Receptionist. They can also manage your emails and make sure that you read the most important ones.


A virtual receptionist will be able to screen all inbound calls and provide basic information. They can forward urgent concerns, take messages and direct calls to the proper channels.

Database Management

A Virtual receptionist can do upkeep on your database by updating contact information, categorizing and organizing your data, clean-up and discard any useless information etc.

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What A Scale Virtually Virtual Receptionist Can Do For You

Your virtual receptionist can be a versatile member of your business and their role can be as flexible as you will allow. They don’t have to be relegated to simply answering calls. As the virtual front-liner of your business, they can direct and establish how important data flows within your business and manage different areas that may get neglected otherwise.

When you have an organized business flow where everything you need is going where its supposed to, you are empowered to provide the best services and Scale Virtually’s Virtual Receptionists give you that. You will have more time to work on the activities that will impact your business growth and take it to the next level.

If you want to achieve true growth for your business, Scale Virtually can offer you virtual staffing solutions that are perfectly tailored to fill the gaps in your business that are preventing you from doing so.

We have the all-stars that you want in your business so you can focus on your growth. Make sure to book your free consultation today.