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marketing virtual assistant Services

Delegate your online marketing, social media, email campaigns and more, with Scale Virtually’s marketing virtual assistant services.

Build Your Brand and Expand Your Reach

Marketing is an important piece of your business, it takes time to make sure that your business is visible and your message is reaching your target demographic

Scale Virtually’s marketing virtual assistant services focus on creating your content and circulating them to all your channels. They can take care of your social media accounts, develop and manage your website and blog, create and employ email campaigns and ensure that your branding is consistent across all your platforms. They can engage with your audience and capture any lead opportunities that come in as a result of their marketing efforts. They can also aid in creating any print materials you may need like flyers, door hangers, layout content for print ads and so much more.

In the current state of the world, your online marketing is more crucial than it ever was before and it makes sense to have a Marketing virtual assistant to handle that role for your business.

Elevate Your Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Keep your social media platforms up-to date by curating significant content. Set-up targeted posts and ads to ensure you reach a wider audience for your target demographic.

Online Marketing

Develop and maintain your website and blog. Update listings on your MLS and other listing portals that you use. Direct any incoming leads to the proper channels.

Content Creation

Create print collateral such as flyers, postcards etc. Create content for blogs, video, and docial media.

Email Campaigns

Create content for email campaigns and create various campaign streams for your leads in different stages nurture streams for past clients. Create a periodical newsletter.

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A Scale Virtually marketing virtual assistant will be able to manage a broad spectrum of tasks that can amplify your marketing strategy by promoting your business using a consistent style of branding for easy recognition. They can leverage your knowledge and expertise in your field to establish your reputation and boost your engagement thus expanding your audience.

If you have events such as webinars, open-houses. fund-raisers or anything of the like, they can handle advertising to drum-up interest and increase attendees. They can set-up your email campaigns and set-up drip funnels to ensure that you are regularly getting information out to your database.

They can create content for your blog that provides value to anyone who visits your website. They can then curate that content for re-purposing on all your platforms.

Marketing is a vital element in your business and it takes time and attention that you may not have if you need to do it all yourself. Schedule a free consultation with us today, we can find you a Scaling Virtually marketing rock star so you can focus on your revenue generating activities that will grow your business.