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Scale Your Marketing Efforts with a Virtual Marketing Assistant

Marketing is a combination of art and science, and it’s a constantly evolving industry. Gone are the days of putting an advertisement in the newspaper or on the radio and hoping it reaches your target customer. Understanding the new landscape of marketing can help your business reach new, untapped demographics.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is, most simply, how your business presents itself publicly. Think about the message you want to convey about your business, that’s marketing. You want your message to be clear and concise and you want to make sure the right people are seeing it. As an owner or founder, you are intimately familiar with every aspect of your business, so it can be difficult to ‘get out of the weeds,’ so to speak. This is where a marketing virtual assistant can be extremely useful as you scale your business.

What can a marketing VA do?

Almost everything – data analytics, branding, graphic design, social media management – the list goes on and on. When it comes to marketing your business, a VA can work with an existing marketing plan or start from scratch and help guide you through the process. According to social media management leader, HootSuite, nearly 5 billion people are on social media globally and in 2023, ad spending in this area is projected to reach more than $268 billion. Social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach and engage your desired audience.   

A Marketing VA can look at your data analytics, if you have them, and identify what’s working and what isn’t with regard to your marketing plan. If you don’t have data analytics, a marketing VA can make sure that’s something that’s being tracked moving forward. 

Social media is an ever-evolving medium, with new platforms and algorithms, it can be difficult to keep up. Working with a VA means you can outsource many of these tasks to someone who has background and experience with marketing. A marketing VA can ensure the right message is conveyed to the right audience. Your business might be targeting different demographics and a marketing VA can tailor that message accordingly. 

What to look for in a marketing VA?

First and foremost, experience in platforms you advertise on or want to work in. Ideally, a VA will have proficiency in marketing across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram as well as general web ads. At Scale Virtually, we can find a VA to suit the particular needs of your business. 

If you’re looking to scale or expand your business and need help with next steps, please contact us today.