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If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, chances are you’ve taken on a lot of different roles and, if your business is newer and still getting off the ground, you probably do a little bit of everything regardless of how large or small your team is. Imagine a trusted and competent colleague offers to take a number of tasks off of your plate, you’d graciously accept, right? We’re willing to bet you’d jump at the chance to free up some of your valuable mental space, energy, and time. A virtual assistant is just that, a trusted and competent colleague who you can always rely on. 

You might think hiring an assistant is not in the budget, and if you’re talking about a full-time in-office assistant then you might be right, it’s very costly to hire and onboard a new employee. A virtual assistant, however, offers far more flexibility in terms of hours and duration of their contact. At Scale Virtually, we take care of finding the best virtual assistant to suit your needs by using a rigorous screening method to ensure you’re getting the best value. 

Chances are you’ve put tremendous sweat equity into your business and have taken ownership over many tasks that might not typically fall under the purview of a CEO or business owner. While this might have made sense in your business’ early days, trying to do too much for an extended period of time can lead to burnout and job fatigue. A recent study found that nearly half of small business owners experienced burnout in the last month. A virtual assistant can help to mitigate those feelings of burnout. And, because we find the candidate that is ideally suited to your industry and needs, you shouldn’t need to spend much time training them. 

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