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Differences Between a Transaction Coordinator and a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent

While the real estate agent is the primary forward-facing individual in charge of guiding prospective homeowners through the buying process, there are a number of other roles that support the agent throughout this complex journey. Here we’ll discuss the different roles of the Transaction Coordinator and the Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA).

Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator manages contracts and pertinent paperwork during the buying and selling process. They also schedule any final inspections as well as any repairs outlined in the contact between the buyer and seller. They may also complete other administrative tasks related to filing paperwork, managing escrow accounts, and closing procedures as directed by the real estate agent. Essentially, a transaction coordinator works closely with the agent to ensure as smooth and seamless a home buying/selling process as possible. As issues may arise, they can work quickly and diligently to solve them and move forward. Qualities to look for in a good transaction coordinator include attention to detail, organization, and responsiveness. 

Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

An ISA is more of a sales role within a real estate company, they generate leads and establish a relationship with the potential buyer to better understand their needs. This role requires someone with excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as persistence and patience. All of the home viewings, loan requirements, and paperwork can make the search for a home feel overwhelming and impersonal, but an ISA can help make the process feel more manageable and enjoyable for the buyer. 

The right virtual assistant can confidently take on many of the tasks of a transaction coordinator or an ISA. Please reach out to us Scale Virtually today to help match you with the right virtual assistants to meet and exceed your needs.