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scale businessWhen you hear the term “outsourcing” your brain may automatically go to a negative place, thinking it means any number of things – sending jobs overseas, compromising on quality, security concerns, etc., but the reality is, outsourcing certain jobs can be a hugely beneficial move for many companies and industries. Here we’ll discuss some myths and misconceptions about outsourcing. 

Myth #1: Outsourcing means sending jobs overseas

According to Investopedia, outsourcing is simply the practice of hiring an outside party to perform services that were perhaps done in-house at a particular company. ‘Offshoring’ is typically the term associated with hiring people based outside of the U.S., usually due to lower labor costs overseas. Even if you did decide to make a hire outside of the U.S., you may choose to do so because you need a specific skill set. 

Myth #2: My company isn’t big enough to outsource

Companies of all sizes can benefit from outsourcing certain jobs or functions. In particular, smaller companies may not have the manpower or capacity for the many tasks related to running a successful business, especially as they are trying to grow.

Myth #3: I don’t have time to outsource

Similar to myth #2, if you are a small or newer business, you may think you don’t have time to outsource. While it may take some time to onboard a virtual assistant, the time you will save in the long run will be well worth your investment. Additionally, Scale Virtually will make sure your virtual assistant is an ideal match for your business needs.

Myth #4: Outsourcing will result in decreased quality of work

You may be concerned about outsourcing causing miscommunications or an “outside” employee not having a vested interest in your business’ mission and goals. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shifted the working landscape for all industries and most companies have implemented some long-term work-from-home or hybrid work model, this means teams are more diffuse and no longer meeting in-person as frequently. Whether you outsource aspects of your business or not, ensuring strong and clear communication will be vital in the years to come. Furthermore, virtual assistants often have special skills and qualifications that may actually be difficult to find in your area; outsourcing can, in many cases, result in increased efficiency. 

Myth #5: Outsourcing will open my company up to security issues or intellectual property theft

Just as you have existing employees sign Non-disclosure Agreements and other documents related to privacy to protect your business, you can also ask virtual assistants or other hires outside of the company to sign similar documents.

Myth #6: Outsourcing is only a short-term solution

Depending on your needs, outsourcing can be as short or as long an arrangement as you need. As your business grows, it will be helpful to have an established relationship with an outsourcing company who is keenly aware of your needs and goals. 

As your organization’s needs evolve over time, Scale Virtually can help match you with the right virtual assistants to meet and exceed your needs.