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It can be difficult to transition from an office-based workplace to a virtual team setting.

Since today’s normal seems to be working remotely, this is a transition that many businesses have had to make. We’ve been highly successful in deploying and implementing remote work set-ups for businesses. A key factor in our results is finding and using the best-in-class tools and helping businesses build processes around them to ensure optimal effectivity.

Once we identify the most talented people to run those processes and systems, a business puts themselves in a position to

Tools, software, and platforms play a vital role in your success with remote workers or virtual assistants. You need to consider price, features, and how optimal each one would be for your business.  So with thousands of options available in the market, it can be daunting once you begin your research. There are no perfect tools but there are those that will fit exactly what you need. Here are some systems we can recommend based on our experience.

Top 10 tools you can use to scale with virtual assistants.

  1. Ring Central. (Paid service, various plans to fit your needs, 30-day free trial available)
    Ring Central is an all in one system that can be used for several areas of your business. It is a single, intuitive platform that you can use for calls, SMS, meetings, and even as a collaborative space for your team. They continuously integrate new features that improve their services to increase your productivity with their systems. Ring Central is also very flexible due to the fact that they have both mobile and desktop applications, thus making it easy for you to access what you need and get in touch with your team no matter where you are.


  2. Time Doctor. (Affordable paid service, free trial available)
    Accountability is extremely critical in a remote setting and Time Doctor is a great tool for that. It allows leaders and managers to improve processes by analyzing exactly where and how time is spent and it fosters responsibility and awareness for remote workers towards how they spend their time and the level of their productivity. It also helps with budget allocation and financial planning, you get to analyze the data they provide and use that to determine how to distribute your funds and what the returns on investment are with your staff. Time Doctor also simplifies your payroll process with their online timesheets and a fully customizable payroll system.


  3. (Wide range of affordable and customizable plans, Free for up to 5 employees)
    Podio is an amazing platform that is cost-effective and very flexible. It can be used for project management, customized as a CRM and so much more. It integrates with various file-sharing platforms and other online systems. Podio’s customizable automation is also remarkable. This system is definitely one of those “bang for your buck” tools and can be utilized in so many areas of your business.


  4. Skype (Free service with available paid options)
    Skype is one of the oldest free Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP systems available in the market. It is straight forward and easy to use and its paid features give you more options for your business’ needs. Whether you want to use it to stay connected to your remote team or for other business purposes, Skype is always a reliable option.


  5. Microsoft 365 (Paid full-service solution)
    Microsoft 365 is a full-service solution that includes premium application software (Microsoft Office), SharePoint for file sharing and project management and document collaboration and Microsoft teams for communication. If you want a one-stop-shop for multiple branches within your business, Microsoft 365 is a great option.


  6. Google Drive (Free with paid options, full-service solution)
    Google drive is a great cloud-based collaboration platform that allows you to collaborate on documentation and share files with your remote team virtually. Google Drive also offers a multitude of features that you can use to customize a fully functioning, unique system.


  7. Zoom (Free with paid options)
    Zoom has become extremely popular as COVID19 has made distance learning and online meetings a necessity. Features such as break out conference rooms, group and private chat, and customizable backgrounds have made Zoom the go-to communication platform in the current calamity. However, beyond a communication tool, Zoom also has other great features that are useful if you want to host online webinars or classes. You can create a registration form and track attendees as well as schedule automatic reminder emails, you can stream live to Facebook and YouTube and you can record your webinar for later use as well. You can set-up payment options if you are monetizing your webinars too.



  8. Trello (Free with affordable paid options)
    Project management can be tricky with remote teams. Trello is a great project management system that uses a Kanban/SCRUM layout. This Kind of “corkboard” layout makes it visually easy to follow the development of a project and allows you to ensure that every element you need is accounted for. It allows each person involved to update the team of their progress individually and keep track of deadlines.


  9. Post Planner (Affordable paid options)
    In order to get the most out of your social media and ensure maximum reach to your target demographic, you need quality content and constant activity and engagement. Post planner is not just a scheduling tool; it also compiles data from thousands of social media feeds to help you consistently curate top-performing content.


  10. Quickbooks (Paid, extensive financial solutions, 70* discount for the first 3 months)
    Quickbooks can support you whether you need systems to manage your taxes, POS, bookkeeping, payroll, or all of the above and more. You can customize your plan according to your needs. Quickbooks has great customer feedback and has been around for a long time.

Again, the tools you select to be a part of your business is pivotal in scaling with virtual assistants or a remote team. Once you build robust processes around them and find outstanding talent to run them, your business will thrive and grow.

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