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A unique strength that entrepreneurs possess is their ability to be a Visionary. They see an opportunity and possess the drive and grit to pursue those opportunities with utmost certainty and determination. Yes, visionaries can do everything but to be fully successful, they need to focus on what they do best and delegate the rest. The only way to do this successfully is by hiring the right people to fill the right roles. The key to being a Successful entrepreneur is finding the perfect integrator to match.

Visionaries are great at generating ideas and have a great ability to see the big picture. When a visionary has an idea for a company, they are able to see the future and find the potential and opportunities that they can develop. Visionaries love big problems because they love the thrill of solving them. What happens is that visionaries tend to get bored with the nitty-gritty. They aren’t usually great at building business processes, and they tend to be influenced by emotion. Visionaries have a tendency to move from one project to another even before one is completed.

This is why it is imperative to match visionaries with integrators. An integrator loves details, they thrive on creating and implementing processes, they need to see or complete tasks A to Z to envision the end result. They keep things timely and organized and tend to be more grounded. In other words, their personality fits perfectly with visionaries.


There are some visionaries who are also integrators and care about the processes and appreciate the need for a detailed plan. However, as the leader of your company, you need to focus on the visionary role, concentrating on the things that you do best so you can continue to foster growth and lead the way to achieve the bigger picture goals.

Finding integrators to be the perfect match to your visionary greatness won’t be easy. According to Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman, there is only one integrator for every 4 visionaries.

For every 50 great ideas that a visionary has, the integrator supplements with an analysis of where each idea falls into the organization, how it aligns with the current goals, how it fits in the big picture, what processes are needed to be established, etc.

An integrator can keep the visionary on track, operating with cautious enthusiasm. They emphasize that great success is completely achievable but only with the proper resources and careful preparation around it.

An integrator and visionary partnership is akin to the harmony of yin and yang. When a visionary is matched with the right integrators, they check and balance each other. One’s strengths and weaknesses will balance out the other’s and create a powerful charge that will bring about great success.

Finding perfect matches for specific roles is not only dependent on skills. You need to find someone who embodies the ideals that you have. This is where culture comes into play, It needs to be someone who believes in the same core values that you do and has the same drive and willingness to achieve the same level of success as well. Skill is secondary and can be taught and developed.

Company culture is essential in every organization as it sets the precedence for how people within the company handle various situations. It sets the standards on how people comport themselves and creates the environment of the organization. These days, 47% of people looking for jobs cite company culture as an important factor in their search. 35% of workers in America stated that they would pass on the perfect job if the culture was not a good fit. Furthermore, employees who do not like their company’s culture are 24% more likely to quit. To find the perfect integrators who will parallel your strengths, you must find someone who is also a match to the company culture you want to create.

Many entrepreneurs who are mainly visionaries find it hard to grow their business or reach that big-picture success because they need an integrator’s skills to complement their own. This is because they do not have an integrator to support them. And those who are both get too caught-up in the details to be able to effectively drive growth. When the relationship between visionary and integrator are in prefect harmony is when you can experience extraordinary results.

Scale Virtually connects visionaries with highly talented integrators who will match their own talents and their company culture. We then help build exceptional processes and find the best systems and tools, all of which brings about extraordinary results. Schedule a free consultation today.

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